Technology Training

There are many resources for beginning and advanced training with technology. The district is conducting classes through the internal university and the summer workshops to assist teachers with developing skills to apply digital technology to enhance learning in their classroom.

There are other formal university options for training in the use of digital technology for instruction. The following is a good introduction to Google applications for instruction:

Use Policy for the District Email

EA members should familiarize themselves with the Authorized Use Policy for the district. The district saves all Email for two years. Your communications can be monitored and used for any reason including legal proceedings and Due Process hearings. All district communications should be professional and formal. Please see the Authorized Use Policy at the following address:

IPad Pilots In District 214

High School District #214 has invested heavily in student learning enhanced by the use of digital instructional technology. I have attached a link to the district web page regarding currently active IPad Pilot programs. It is good for EA members to be familiar with the piloted digital instruction techniques. Research is showing that digitally enhanced instruction is only effective when the teacher is sophisticated with the use of the digital application.

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