TIP - Don't Wait!

Have you submitted paperwork for TIP to be reimbursed?

Have you NOT gotten an email that you should apply for reimbursement?


Building PERC

As we start the second semester, please be reminded of the $250 per FTE that is budgeted at your home buildings. While each building dispenses this money differently, remember that it is for the benefit of EA members as they grow professionally. If you have any questions regarding PERC, please contact one of the PERC representatives in your building, listed below.

This is not an exhaustive list, so if there are additional members whom you can contact, please add it to these lists. If there is a change to these lists, feel free to email me with corrections.

Denied TIP applications

If you have been denied reimbursement for tuition from a TIP application, you always have the right to appeal that denial. According to page 33 of the Cumulative Agreement,

"Teachers can request an exception for reimbursement. That request must be submitted to the District Professional Development Committee in writing with a detailed rationale for the exception."

If you do request such an exemption, please send the email or letter to the attention of Dr. Steven Kellner, Director of Professional Learning (and also copy Kathie Hansen and Toni Pytel).

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