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Will we keep caring for our special needs kids?

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More on D214 School Board Race

Contested Township High School District 214 board race attracts eight candidates

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Fighting Public-Private Partnerships with the Jubilee Debt Campaign

Fighting Public-Private Partnerships with the Jubilee Debt Campaign
VIEW: The UKs PPP Disaster:

Appeals court tosses forced union dues lawsuit, next stop Supreme Court

Some Bills of concern....

Listed below are bills of concern that we are keeping track of:

Tack Action: HB 2569 OPPONENT Expands PE Exemptions 9-12
HB 2569 (Chief Sponsor Representative Harris) Expands the grades levels that allowed for PE exemptions.

Tack Action: HB 793 OPPONENT Unfunded Mandates
HB 793 (Chief Sponsor Representative Demmer) Unfunded Mandates Would allow districts to eliminate or reduce PE requirements.

DEFEATED!....Bills that got defeated

Bills That State Legislators Took Action On

HB 440 (Chief Sponsor Jeanne Ives) OPPONENT Defeated 2-23-2017
(However, may still be recalled for a vote.)
HB 440 Permanently diminishes physical education requirements.

HB 670 (Chief Sponsor Thomas Morrison) OPPONENT Defeated 2-23-2017
HB 670 School districts may offer drivers education through contracted commercial services

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Tankers that derailed in Lake Forest carried hazardous material: officials

Post By: Chicago Tribune

Are you in the Oil Train Blast Zone?
Wheeling High School is located on the edge of the oil train blast zone - What Emergency Response procedures specific to this hazard are currently in place?

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GOP health bill provides $883 billion in tax cuts, strips 24 million of health coverage

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Hearings on Judge Gorsuch to begin Monday


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