Oppose HB440 Immediate Attention Needed

Dear IAHPERD Members,

House Bill 440 Eliminates PE Requirements

Take Action: OPPOSE House Bill 440 (HB 440) Eliminate PE Requirements
HB 440 (Chief Sponsor Representative Ives)

Step One: File a witness slip as OPPONENT HB 440
Even if you have already filed a witness slip it is time to file another. We may need to do this multiple times. Unfortunately each time the committee recesses the witness slips reset to zero.

Pension Action Needed

Yesterday, we notified IFT members that a bad “grand bargain” was set to be voted on this week. Things change quickly in Springfield, and we know you are working hard to keep your members informed, so we wanted to share this latest update. Please personalize and share this with your members.

This morning, amendments to several of the bills were filed, and the underlying bills have been moved to "third reading." This means that the full Senate may vote on some combination of bills in the “grand bargain” before the end of the day on Thursday.

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State scrutiny of suburban-initiated 'Redefining Ready' could lead to fairer student assessment

District 214 Superintendent David R. Schuler discusses his 'Redefining Ready' proposal with the Illinois State Board of Education last year.
(File Photo Courtesy of District 214)

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Governmental Affairs Update - IAHPERD

Update on Senate Bill 13 (SB 13 Chief Sponsor Radogno)
Over 1200 witness slips filed in opposition
Deb Vogel (IAHPERD, Chair of Shape Up Illinois) testified in Senate Executive Committee
Senate Executive Committee moved SB 13 to the full Illinois Senate for a vote. Senate vote could take place as early as February 7.

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Tweet DeVos

Betsy DeVos attended a private school.

Sen. Franken: No Democrat will vote for Betsy DeVos as education secretary — and we’re seeking Republicans to oppose her


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