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Hearings on Judge Gorsuch to begin Monday

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President Trump's budget proposal to slash public education

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Illinois Board Of Education Approves Replacement For No Child Left Behind

"The new Illinois plan breaks from the 15-year-old No Child Left Behind law most significantly in two ways: how schools are graded by the state and how they’re treated if they fall short. Under the latter, the state intends to create a system of support for struggling schools called IL-Empower where pre-approved vendors will be called in to help. This is different than under the No Child law, which laid out a set of escalating sanctions for schools when they performed poorly."

Salvaging a Senate compromise: Can pension reform and CPS funding coexist?

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Education, immigration complaints on the rise, attorney general says

Post By: Chicago Tribune

The Illinois attorney general's office received nearly 1,700 complaints last year about for-profit colleges and student loan debt, moving the education category up one notch to No. 6 on the top 10 list of consumer fraud reports.

Art Alliance Illinois

In the next two weeks, arts education in Illinois could take a major step forward — but we need your help to make it happen.

Illinois will soon adopt a State Plan for implementing the federal Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA). This Plan will establish how Illinois supports K–12 schools and how it measures school success, including which factors indicate school quality.

If the Plan includes arts education as an indicator, it will uphold the arts as central to school quality and reward schools for increasing arts access and participation.

Good News.....HB 440 was defeated

Good News.....HB 440 was defeated in committee on February 23rd. House Education Committee members took notice of the overwhelming number of witness slips that were filed. Your activism had an impact on their decision. Thank you!

U-46 to issue guidance on immigration for schools, parents

How will suburban schools be affected by reversal of transgender guidelines?

Trump administration working on trans bathroom guidelines


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