Illinois lawmakers reach tentative deal on pension fix

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Special Education Class Size / Special Education Within the General Education Setting

Guidance on Special Education Class Size for 2009-2010 and Beyond, Section 226.730, states the following:

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Assigned Teacher Preparations

In a recent survey of special education teachers conducted by the EA Special Education Workgroup, 43% of the teachers surveyed state they are assigned to more than 3 course preparations. Page 18 of the 2009-2014 Township High School Cumulative Agreement states the following:

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Is EPAS an Effective Means to Assess Lower Performing Students?

Prior grades (and course information) are much better indicators than test scores in general.

Findings of an initial study completed by Township High School District 214 show that while EXPLORE scores can predict 37% of overall 9th grade grades, 6th, 7th, and 1st quarter/trimester 8th grade grades can predict 61.2%, and the EXPLORE adds only 2.2%.

This study, titled, "Using Grades and Test Scores to Place Students: What Combination Places Students Most Accurately?" is available at:

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Use of SRI Lexile Scores and SPI Phonics Scores to Assess Reading Growth

When I began to develop a reading framework, it was my intention to identify a correlation between a student’s reading level and his CRS score band. It only made sense to me that if struggling readers could not comprehend the text, they could not demonstrate what they’ve learned. For instance, throughout the school year, a student in my class may repeatedly demonstrate competency in the skill CRS skill, Comparison/Contrast. Even a beginning reader can point to a blue tennis shoe that is different from the three other red ones he sees.

Pension Emergency Call-In Days - We are one Illinois

From: We are one Illinois

Pension Emergency Call-In Days are underway today and tomorrow! Don’t wait to take action!

Call 888-412-6570 or click here to call. Call both your state representative and state senator and tell them: “Vote NO on any pension bill not supported by the We Are One Illinois union coalition.” Join thousands of Illinoisans around the state and take action now!


The following is an e-mail sent to D211 Teachers Union Members by their President John Braglia regarding the upcoming legislative session in Springfield

Jeff Adkins
EA-Legislative Chair

An internal memorandum of the Northwest Suburban Teachers' Union, Local 1211
Illinois legislative leaders have scheduled a return to Springfield on Tuesday, December 3rd to address our Pensions exclusively.

Quinn to sign same-sex marriage bill today

Medicare and Health Insurance from IRTA

The Following is an e-mail from Bruce Illingworth From the Illinois Retired Teachers Association. Thought it might me beneficial to some members, especially those with a retired husband or wife.

Jeff Adkins
EA-Legislative Chair

Pension Graphic

Thanks to Bob Scarpino for the pic!


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