Denied TIP applications

If you have been denied reimbursement for tuition from a TIP application, you always have the right to appeal that denial. According to page 33 of the Cumulative Agreement,

"Teachers can request an exception for reimbursement. That request must be submitted to the District Professional Development Committee in writing with a detailed rationale for the exception."

If you do request such an exemption, please send the email or letter to the attention of Dr. Steven Kellner, Director of Professional Learning (and also copy Kathie Hansen and Toni Pytel).


Quinn signs Illinois pension bill

How Illinois' pension deal got done

Some Pension Specifics from ED-RED

Systems included: applies to TRS, SERS, SURS, and GARS. Judges are not included.

COLA: calculated by multiplying the number of years of creditable service by $1,000 and applying the

3% COLA to that number. As an example, a retiree with 30 years of service will receive an adjustment

on the first $30,000 of their pension. The $1,000 multiplier will increase annually by CPI. This

provision applies to retirees and Tier 1 employees.

COLA freeze: annuitants will not receive annual adjustments in specific years of retirement depending

Pension deal to test legal prep work

State and unions ready for court fight over reform legislation

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EA Funding to Litigate Current Pension Legislation

It may be more appropriate to say, "Lack of Funding." As an independent Education Association, our current obligation is to fund legal representation for teachers within the district. If Illinois Pension Code, Senate Bill 1 is signed into law, it is likely that Illinois teacher unions will challenge it in court (See:


Thanks to TRS for this information:

Conference Committee Report on Senate Bill 1

Teachers, unions vow to fight pension deal

In the aftermath of the Illinois House and Senate passing pension reform legislation Tuesday, leaders of several suburban teachers unions vowed to continue the fight in the courts. “The pensions were promised and now that promise has been broken,” said Jim Arey, president of the Northwest Suburban High School District 214 Education Association.

Suburban lawmakers divided in vote to reform pensions

Editorial: Vote was a test of courage

I could not disagree with this editorial more. Where does the Tribune mention how we got into this mess to begin with? How is "courage" a better descriptor than "promise breaker"?

Jeff Adkins
EA-Legislative Chair,0,59...


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