Senate Bill 100 / Restorative Justice

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Illinois State Senate Bill 100 (hereafter “SB 100”), signed into law on August 24, 2015 by Gov. Bruce Rauner, represents extensive reform of school discipline policies in public and charter schools throughout the state. Based on the new law, by September 15, 2016, school boards and governing bodies of charter schools will need to develop, review and implement discipline policies in accordance with the new law’s requirements. SB 100 eliminates “zero-tolerance” polices and provides that the harshest forms of punishment may only be used for students who pose a threat to the school community or who substantially disrupt, impede or interfere with the learning environment. When passed into law, the bill was designated as Public Act 99-0456, and made changes to several sections of the School Code.

SB 100 dramatically alters the ability of districts to use disciplinary exclusion (suspension and expulsion),
especially in response to relatively minor behavior problems. It also requires positive intervention before and in conjunction with any disciplinary exclusion, placing a priority on helping students, rather than just excluding them. SB 100 mandates that educators, school administrators, staff and school board members receive professional development training on culturally responsive and developmentally appropriate disciplinary action and effective classroom management strategies.

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