New School Laws 2017

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New School Laws 2017
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This publication is not intended as a substitute for either a current version of the Illinois Compiled Statutes or legal counsel.

Please note the synopsis of each act is brief and may or may not encompass the full content or impact of the Act. The synopsis is designed to call attention to statutory changes and additions that may merit further research.

Also included in this publication, where applicable, is the IASB Policy Reference Educational Subscription Service (PRESS) information regarding new legislation. If a new law requires action by the school board, the corresponding PRESS policy number will follow the public act information.

To Obtain Copies of Public Acts
Official copies of acts are filed with the Index Division of the office of the Secretary of State. However, all text of public acts is now available on the General Assembly Web site. The address is: .

How to Use This Document
Act summaries are organized under subject matter categories, and categories are arranged alphabetically as shown in the Table of Contents. In addition, three indexes are provided.

These may be used to identify an act by title, bill number, or by the public act number.

If you have any questions about legislation, you may contact any of the offices listed below:

IASB, 217/528-9688
IASA, 217/787-9306
Illinois ASBO, 815/753-9368
IPA, 217/525-1383



IASB staff - including the Association's office of general counsel, governmental relations department, publications department and other staff - work to provide member school districts with the information they need to function effectively. Most of that information includes legal issues, directly or indirectly.

The office of general counsel is staffed with three attorneys. It advises the Association and represents IASB in legal matters, drafts sample policies for the Policy Reference Educational Subscription Service (PRESS), and contributes to many IASB programs and publications.

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