Proposed federal budget cuts would take money from public to give to private schools

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Post By: The Star

Betsy Devos, secretary of the United States Department of Education, has proposed $10.6 billion in cuts for public education institutions, targeting, among other things, after-school programs, technical and career training, special education, and college grants.

The proposal presented by the USDOE would use the savings from the cuts toward giving families the option to use vouchers of federal tax dollars for sending their children to private and religious schools, as well as charter and magnet schools, and for homeschooling.

Locally, and in most rural areas, there are no private schools, which raises concern that money cut from the public schools would simply leave the area, affecting the education of local children who would have no “choice” to go to a private school, but would have money cut from their public school. The public schools which are meant to be government funded would suffer for the benefit of private schools which are meant to be separate from the government, thus the term “private.”