Welcome to the District 214 Education Association (EA) website.

The EA represents the certified employees (teachers, counselors, non-classroom personnel, nurses, and specialists) of Township High School District 214, the second largest high school district in Illinois.

We are 860 members strong. More than two-thirds of our members hold advanced degrees. In addition, more than half of our members both teach and coach. Leveraging this wealth of talent and expertise for the benefit of our students and community is our number one priority.

The results of our efforts are paying huge dividends to those we serve. In the last four years, teachers have worked hard to reduce the number of student failures and to encourage every student to take on a challenging curriculum. Over 90 percent of our students attend a two-year or four-year college after graduation. More than half of our students also receive college credits while still in high school through Advanced Placement courses, Project Lead the Way, and community college extension programs.

The EA continues to work with the District 214 School Board to create a system that is responsive to the needs of students, our communities, and our own families. The EA values the positive work environment that has been created through a strong partnership between the teachers, administration, and School Board. Collectively, we are making a difference in the lives of our students and in our communities.

The EA website has been developed to communicate critical information and promote positive personal relationships among the membership. The EA website will also help members share information about new educational opportunities available to the students in District 214.

Thanks for visiting.

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New Teacher Pension Payments Passed To Districts


Thanks to a new state pension law, school districts will now have to pay their pensions. But Rauner's amendatory veto cut the part of SB 1 that would've recognized those pension payments as part of a school's cost of doing business.

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Is DeVos Sending Mixed Messages on Advanced Courses and Accountability?

Post By: Education Week

U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos seems to be sending some confusing signals when it comes to whether states will be allowed to use Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate tests, the SAT, dual-enrollment courses, or career certifications to figure out if students are ready for college and the workforce, some experts say.

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Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos Announces Intent to Appoint Dr. A. Wayne Johnson as Chief Operating Officer of Federal Student Aid

Post By: The Hill

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos's pick to lead the department's $1.3 trillion student loan system is the CEO of a private student loan company.

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Proposed federal budget cuts would take money from public to give to private schools

Post By: The Star

Betsy Devos, secretary of the United States Department of Education, has proposed $10.6 billion in cuts for public education institutions, targeting, among other things, after-school programs, technical and career training, special education, and college grants.

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BACKPACK FULL OF CASH: a new film, narrated by Matt Damon

A new documentary exploring the growing privatization of public schools, and the impact on America's most vulnerable children.

VIEW: https://youtu.be/nL4WIUa2LyA

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VIEW: http://www.thirteen.org/metrofocus/2017/06/june-12-2017-diane-ravitch-sc...

Can education be run like a business? PBS’s series “School Inc.” makes the case, but not everyone thinks it makes the grade. Education historian Diane Ravitch tells us why.

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Secretary DeVos’ latest move puts her indifference to civil rights on full display

Post By: Rantt

"ProPublica acquired an internal memo issued by Ms. Candice Jackson, the acting head of the Education Department’s civil rights office. In the memo, Jackson noted how the department would be scaling back efforts to combat civil rights trangressions in our schools including, but not limited to the following:

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Lead in Drinking Water - Affordable Assessments Available Through Suburban Labs

VIEW Video: http://suburbanlabs.com (scroll down)

Lead in drinking water continues to be a concerning issue among schools and residents in Illinois (read below).

Suburban Labs offers a School Assessment Package for only $30 (http://suburbanlabs.com/drinkingwater/).

The EPA action level is 15ppb; I assessed my daughter's drinking water in Lake Zurich at 63ppb. Only certain types of filters (only the most expensive, top-of-the-line filters) may filter lead out.

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Volcker Alliance Launches Analysis of 50 State Budgets

In 2015, Illinois brought in $71B revenue, spent $75B on expenses, and carried $141B in total debt. The interest on this debt cost taxpayers nearly $5B, which was more than the state's contribution to TRS, $4B.

Last year, 2016, Total Revenue was $68B, Total Expenses were $73B, and the state increased its debt to $147B Total Debt. Revenue decreased by $3B due to the state reducing its flat individual and corporate income tax rates. Expenses were down $2B, but there was still a $5B shortfall because of the decrease in revenue.


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