Welcome to the District 214 Education Association (EA) website.

The EA represents the certified employees (teachers, counselors, non-classroom personnel, nurses, and specialists) of Township High School District 214, the second largest high school district in Illinois.

We are 860 members strong. More than two-thirds of our members hold advanced degrees. In addition, more than half of our members both teach and coach. Leveraging this wealth of talent and expertise for the benefit of our students and community is our number one priority.

The results of our efforts are paying huge dividends to those we serve. In the last four years, teachers have worked hard to reduce the number of student failures and to encourage every student to take on a challenging curriculum. Over 90 percent of our students attend a two-year or four-year college after graduation. More than half of our students also receive college credits while still in high school through Advanced Placement courses, Project Lead the Way, and community college extension programs.

The EA continues to work with the District 214 School Board to create a system that is responsive to the needs of students, our communities, and our own families. The EA values the positive work environment that has been created through a strong partnership between the teachers, administration, and School Board. Collectively, we are making a difference in the lives of our students and in our communities.

The EA website has been developed to communicate critical information and promote positive personal relationships among the membership. The EA website will also help members share information about new educational opportunities available to the students in District 214.

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U-46 to issue guidance on immigration for schools, parents

How will suburban schools be affected by reversal of transgender guidelines?

Trump administration working on trans bathroom guidelines

Betsy DeVos is off to a rocky start - VIDEO

CPS tells principals not to allow immigration officials in schools without warrant

HB 826 - Social Workers

Illinois House Bill 826 has been drafted and filed on behalf of Illinois School Social workers.
This bill would restrict "school social work services" to ONLY school social workers. This is a generic term. It is defined in Federal and Illinois legislation. It includes:

Column: 'Grand Bargain' still looks to me like no deal - Eric Zorn

Speaking of earnest attempts at real solutions, the idea of a "grand bargain" bipartisan state budget deal in the Illinois Senate is still alive.

Oppose again HB440, HB663, HB793 Immediate Attention Needed - IAHPERD

Take Action: HB 440 OPPONENT Eliminate PE
HB 440 (Chief Sponsor Representative Ives)
Permanently diminishes physical education requirements.

Tack Action: HB 663 OPPONENT Allows School Districts to Eliminate Mandates
HB 663 (Chief Sponsor Representative Thomas Morrison) Allows school districts to eliminate mandates

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A Day Without Immigrants - Suggestion for School Policy

Dr. Schuler is waiting to review an Executive Order the President has indicated he will be signing next week before sending out correspondence on the issue of deportation and U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

He states, "Our students deserve to be safe in our schools. Several years ago, I directed our buildings to not let ICE come into the buildings without a court order. It would be my intent for that to continue."


A Day Without Immigrants


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